My photography and design work

Go on, have a look. It's got some pretty pictures on it.

Comedy Cul-de-Sac podcast

Paul Sweeney and I assist comics in dredging up tales of tough gigs they'd rather forget. As podcasts go, it's more sporadic than regular…

My bumblings on Tumblr

Assorted bullshit. Musings, sketches and things I've Photoshopped to be weirder than they are.

Marcel Lucont's book

"What We French Think Of You British... And Where You Are Going Wrong" - available in all bookshops with exquisite taste. And from here:

End Of The Road

A documentary made by my old friend Rich Nicholls for his company Swift Films in 2006, featuring yours truly and Mr Sy Thomas. Can two idiots make a 4,000 mile journey to Africa in a car that cost them £100? Probably. You can see the full movie here for free if you're a LoveFilm member. Also due to be shown on the Discovery Channel in 2012.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society

The #ACMS, of which I am a proud Board Member. The alternative to the alternative comedy circuit. A night of Sisyphean comedy.

TEMPLATIS - Web templates

Go on, get yourself a website, the world's crying out for more.

Comedy sites


The UK’s top comedy site, updated every millisecond. Why not go and see what’s on in your local area, catch up on the latest comedy news from around the world, or enter the forums, adopt a pseudonym and then launch a personal attack on a performer or comedy promoter.

London Is Funny

And indeed it is. I should know - I live there. I mean, it's not always - a woman once shouted at me for wearing a rucksack during rush hour, and I once saw a bus shunt a learner motorcyclist on purpose. Oh yeah, and a man stabbed me in the leg outside my front door in 2011 (true). But then I have seen a man repeatedly slamming his head between the rubbery tube doors of an underground train for the simple pleasure of it, and a bookshop where someone had put The Silence Of The Lambs in the 'Cookery' section. Anyway, decide for yourself - it's a great site...

Mustard magazine

Alex Musson's top alternative comedy mag, available in paper and pixel form.


Tom Bell

Comedian, freeboarder and the UK comedy circuit's best AnneFrankalike. A very silly man.

Adam Bloom

Producer of some of the finest comedy material on the circuit over the last few years, with a seemingly endless supply of it too.

George Cottier

Performist. Artist. Mentalist.

Wilson Dixon

Alter-ego of the talented Mr Jesse Griffin. A superb low-energy country music spoof.

Simon Feilder

The man's got balls. And hair. And feet. A regular man. Especially toiletarily.

Stuart Goldsmith

A delightful, insightful, non-frightful man, not only a great comic and compere but host of the excellent Comedian's Comedian podcast. Used to be one of those street carnies, you know.

Richard Herring

A brilliant and prolific man, who somehow also has time to record every single day of his life in his great Warming Up diary.

Daniel Kitson

If you’ve never seen this man perform live you’re missing out on something very special. Puerile and intelligent, confident and self-deprecating, world-weary and loveable. An amazing comic.

Stewart Lee

"The worst comedian in Britain... As funny as bubonic plague" The Sun.

Marcel Lucont

France's premier misanthropist and lover, and user of my sofa during his increasingly frequent UK visits. At least he always brings good wine.

Christian Manley

He's not.

Demetri Martin

This is a website.

Liam Mullone

A wonderful stand-up and raconteur with an equally wonderful website. Also the current (and only) holder of the Jorvik Viking Centre stand-up award.

Emo Phillips

What a mind, what a man. The 80s footage on here is particularly magical.

Tom Price

A close personal showbiz friend of mine. The best thing to come out of Monmouth since Henry V, and at least twice as funny.

Sy Thomas

Comedian, actor, Rhys Ifans impersonator, Cat Of The Week member, flatmate and Falling Down With Laughter co-host (R.I.P.) (the club, not him). I love this man like a brother - a brother I constantly pick on and occasionally punch in the cock. He's gone and got himself a website now, because he was jealous of mine.

The Black Sheep

Talented ex-Ubersausage boys who will never rest in their mission to get naked, drink wine and dress as Hitler. Check out the site – they’ve always got something going on.


Ben Folds

Prodigious talent, either solo or in a group, and mindblowingly brilliant live performer.

Divine Comedy

Beautiful tunes and an incredible voice - a stupidly talented and foppish man.

Ed Harcourt

Floppy-haired pop fop with a bumper crop of top tunes. The man's also got his own beer available from his website. I thought about trying to cobble a sentence there involving "drop" and "hops" but couldn't be arsed.


Weird and wonderful. Some brilliant download-only tracks available on the website too. And Mark Everett's book, "Things The Grandchildren Should Know," is a terrific and emotional read.


Epic songs, a touch of silliness and a really fun website. What more do you want?

Half Man Half Biscuit

Criminally underrated band from Birkenhead. If album titles like "Trouble Over Bridgewater," "Urge For Offal" and "Saucy Haulage Ballads" don't interest you then you're frankly dead to me. Blissfully prolific over the last decade, and still providing some of the wittiest lyrics in

Josh Rouse

Beautiful examples of modern Americana, especially the album Nashville.

Kings of Convenience

Easily my favourite Norwegian band, and one of the most enjoyable live acts I’ve ever seen.


Yeah, alright, getting increasingly odder with age, but aren't we all? Still unsurpassable for awkward interviews. "So, Morrissey, do you have any friends?" "I have seven friends."

Prefab Sprout

Pop music would be a little less magical without Prefab Sprout. You can listen to 'Jordan: The Comeback' a hundred times and still find something new. Every track I play at the start and end of my show 'Cars And Girls' relates to the story, and contains certain memories for me. As heartfelt pop songs go, you can't get much better than Paddy McAloon, with or without his band.

Ryan Adams

To witness the fine line between genius and madness, listen to the Love Is Hell album and then click on the Cardinals Radio section of this site for some experimental hip-hop/country/death metal craziness. Brilliant.


Dance music doesn't get much better than this. And they're showing no signs of slowing down. Deep, dark and delicious.



Where to go for a guaranteed daily laugh. Trawling the silliest corners of the web just for you.


Doesn’t look like this site is being updated anymore, which is a shame. Contains some of the best online surveys ever, including “Should birds be allowed to fly south for winter? yes / no”

The Bugle podcast

A thing of absolute joy. Two stupidly intelligent men being intelligently stupid for your enjoyment for free (although I can highly recommend making a voluntosubscription). Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver dissect the week's news and serve it up on the finest mockery crockery.

Cookd and Bombd

An excellent and massive site dedicated to the genius of Chris Morris, Peter Cook and others, with some rare downloads and interesting articles.

David Shrigley

The brilliantly bizarre and minimalist Scottish artist. Lots of samples of his drawings, photos and animations available on this site.

David Thorne

Sarcastic. Australian. Hilarious.

Without fail this website makes me laugh, cry and nearly wee, especially the ingenious Playground Law and Listopia sections.

Jim'll Paint It

Could this website be the pinnacle of human endeavour? E-mail your suggestions for a picture and, however deranged, Jim will indeed paint it, using only the Microsoft Paint programme. Think you know what "Ross Kemp On Toast" would look like? Or "Ann Widdecombe Rides Space Mountain"? This man easily surpasses your expectations…

The Onion

I’m sure you’ve already seen this wonderful site. If not there’s no excuse – go and check out America’s Finest News Source.


“The interwebular home of Britain's 4th favourite humour magazine.” If you should ever run out of crude slang terms for intercourse, vomiting or masturbation, do check out the Profanisarus.


Burning Man

The craziest (and best) thing I've ever attended in my life. Awe-inspiring in every way. It's a bit like Alton Towers really, just with more dust, hippies, sculptures, UFOs, naked people and explosions.

Twisted Sifter

Funny, fascinating, often quite magnificent. The weekly Shirk Report is worth signing up to as well.


Monthly cultural showcases, now expanding all over the UK, run by the wonderful Helen and Juliet. Go! Drink! Learn! Enjoy!