Stand-Up Comedy (general quotes)

Has firmly established himself as one to watch with shows that delight and surprise in different ways.”
James Kettle, The Guardian

Wonderful... Utterly charming... A performer that keeps getting better and better.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

Very funny, quick-witted and exceedingly sharp”
British Comedy Guide

He’s an aspiring actor – yes, another one – which gives him a confidence and stage presence that can only help. But, unlike many other thespian wannabes, there’s care in the writing, not just in the performing … enough clever one-liners and visual gags to suggest real promise.”
Steve Bennett,

A unique act on the circuit, and quite simply one of the funniest.”
Paul Flannery,

Clever, funny and delightfully absurd… Dubus is up there with the best.”
Andrew Dipper, GiggleBeats

Character Comedy (general quotes)

Wonderful French wit... Superb stuff... His elegant, sardonic turns of phrase are an utter joy.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

Deadpan delivery and surreal musings - a stand-up star in the making.”
Alexa Baracaia, The London Paper

Nothing could prepare us for the superb Marcel Lucont. He is devastating in his smooth, laconic French dismissal of Australian lack of sexual sophistication.”
Rip It Up magazine, Adelaide

Full Shows

Alexis Dubus Verses The World
(Adelaide Fringe 2016, Edinburgh Fringe 2016, Fringe World 2018)

☆ ~ Shortlist: Fringe World Award 2018 - Best Comedy ~ ☆

A highly entertaining hour packed with stand-up, verse, storytelling and sketch. The charismatic Dubus is comfortable on stage and he captivates the audience the minute he appears... This is intelligent comedy. If you love a pun, you'll love this. His storytelling is so well crafted, it feels as though you were there with him when it happened. Like an episode of Seinfeld, Dubus wraps up the show, and the material, neatly, resulting in a chorus of laughter. Dubus is a phenomenal performer — be sure to see him while you can”
★★★★★ Chris Komorek, The Music, Adelaide Fringe

Verses so engaging and hilarious you’re left wondering why the hell you stopped reading poetry at the end of high school... Cream of the Fringe crop”
★★★★★ The City, Adelaide Fringe

Dubus is a rare talent, seamlessly transitioning from solid stand-up to hilarious spoken word, to witty ditties, delivering an hour of sophisticated comedy that’s not above dropping the odd dick joke... Verses The World is the complete package, and funny from start to finish”
★★★★.5 Tom Bowden, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

Much more than a simple performance of spoken word poetry, Alexis Dubus Verses The World incorporates stand-up comedy, rap, song, and a surprising intermission that reduces us to shuddering heaps of laughter... Dubus has a superordinate capacity to bounce off his audience... Witticisms, wry expressions, wordsmithery, and wisdom come together in this performance to entertain us in manner that is truly unique”
★★★★.5 Jasmine Seabrook-Benson, FringeFeed, Fringe World, Perth

A very funny global play on words...his voice is rich and rare – a delight... pay the price for this mystery trip on a banana skin through our weird wonderful world”
★★★★ Clayton Werner, The Clothesline, Adelaide Fringe

A one-hour pun-filled extravaganza that delighted the audience... this unique performance mixed an incredible capacity for creativity with a wordsmith’s vocabulary... A must-see show”
Sebastian Rositano, TREv, Adelaide Fringe

Marcel Lucont's Whine List
(UK Tour 2017, Fringe World 2016, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2016, Edinburgh Fringe 2016)

☆ ~ Nominee: Fringe World Award 2016 - Best Comedy ~ ☆

Marcel’s control of his audience is like that of Stewart Lee. And I have no higher praise than that. He uses silence like a sex toy and he is ruthless in his rule of the hour. The speed of his wit is impressive. And what he does is wit, not just come-backs. Bravo, monsieur. Nous sommes très heureuses de vous voir encore”
★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

A masterpiece of timing and improvisation... Lucont hilariously dissects the idiocy of the world around him... This poet, lover and singer provides one of the most enjoyable hours of indifferent condescension to be found this side of the Channel, and is certainly one of the highlights of this Fringe.”
★★★★ Toby Clyde, EdFringe Review, Edinburgh Fringe

Marcel Lucont is one of the great comic characters of the new millennium... uproariously funny... a highlight of the Fringe”
★★★★ Tristram Fane Saunders, BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe

A striking sight on stage... takes firm control of the miscreants while simultaneously bringing down the house... A consummate showman and his control of the room is exemplary... wonderful”
★★★★ Murray Robertson, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

It wouldn't be the Fringe without the sneering, self-obsessed Frenchman Lucont popping up to insult your choice of wine at some point... Dubus inhabits the character like a favourite comfortable smoking jacket and is able to make an off the cuff remark so convincing that the other year he seemed to have one reviewer thinking he was real... Très bon”
★★★★ Marissa Burgess, Fest, Edinburgh Fringe

The stereotypical Frenchman delivered exceptionally quick-witted deadpan retorts to hecklers and participants alike. Even when doing 'scripted' comedy, he stayed in character perfectly, showing a wonderful indifference towards the world and the people who inhabit it... Erudite, blunt, rude and hilarious, Lucont is definitely one to catch at the Fringe”
★★★★ Tom Inniss, Voice Mag, Edinburgh Fringe

From start to finish Lucont effortlessly had us all in the palm of his hand with his quick wit, sharp tongue and that irresistible French charm. His comedic timing is flawless and there is something oddly captivating about this wonderfully haughty bon vivant’s trademark deadpan delivery of narcissistic humor... The participatory nature of the show means each one will be a truly unique and unpredictable experience but with Monsieur Lucont at the helm, I have no doubt that the outcome will satisfy each and every time. Whine List is an exceptional and superbly written hour of irreverent comedy that is deliciously audacious, fabulously sardonic and wildly entertaining”
★★★★★ Faith Ashleigh-Wong, Appetite For The Arts, New Zealand Comedy Festival

His condescension is delivered quietly and slowly, with a skilled use of pauses... when you can ad-lib as elegantly as M. Lucont, the exchanges he has with the audience are more than enough for a show as fruity as the wine he sups”
Steve Bennett, Chortle, Soho Theatre

Perfectly crafted... A quality act”
Lloyd Evans, The Spectator, Edinburgh Fringe

A masterclass in interactive improvisation... Marcel Lucont's ability to extract information from the audience and transform it into amazing comedy will leave you breathless with laughter. You won't be able to help but admire what a comedian can achieve when he is comfortable with his ability and at the top of his game. He is renowned for a very good reason”
Sylpheed, Weekend Notes, Fringe World

Dubus is a gifted improviser, able to get some very loud laughs and riotous applause with the best of his persona’s arrogant and dismissive remarks... Had the crowd hooked from the word go... Marcel Lucont is a force to be reckoned with”
James Burnside, Buzzcuts, Fringe World

Dubus’ alter ego exhibits dry and outrageous wit... Stand-up thrives with quirky outsiders and Lucont marvels amusingly at other countries’ idiosyncrasies. Ignoring his own well-constructed stereotype he is composed with the confidence of a seasoned performer... had the crowd uncontrollably laughing”
Jessica Belle-Greer, Metro, New Zealand Comedy Festival

Dripping with ennui, his unapologetic arrogance and condescending lassitude is tempered by an indefinable charm and impeccable comic timing... The sharpness of Lucont's repartee is equally if not more impressive than his masterful scripted shtick”
Nik Smythe, Theatreview, Auckland, New Zealand Comedy Festival

As an interactive improvisation, Marcel Lucont's Whine List demonstrates a performer utterly at ease with his character and able to construct comedy from whatever his audience throws at him... Lucont is a unique and fascinating character to spend some time with. ”
Simon Howard, Theatreview, Wellington, New Zealand Comedy Festival

Alexis Dubus: Cars And Girls
(Fringe World 2015, Edinburgh Fringe 2012 & 2014 (new version), Adelaide Fringe 2014, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014)

☆ ~ Winner: Mervyn Stutter's Spirit Of The Fringe Award - Edinburgh Fringe 2013 ~ ☆

☆ ~ Top 10 Comedy Shows Of The Year - Melbourne Comedy Festival 2014 - ~ ☆

☆ ~ Nominee: Fringe World Award 2015 - Best Comedy ~ ☆

Want to give yourself an hour to treasure, to mull over, to marvel at and to laugh about for a long time to come? Then come and see Alexis Dubus tell you a story. This is a chilled-out, warmed up Jack Kerouac with a hint of a comedy-minded, 21st-century Chaucer. And it is a revelation, a coming-of-age show that has been a long time coming. It is, as they say, a beautiful thing. And it’s funny. Witty funny, silly funny, rude funny and crazy funny... Hollywood star Ginger Rogers once said she did everything her dance partner Fred Astaire did but backwards, and in heels. Well Alexis Dubus does what great stand-up comics do but he does it in verse. Not doggerel, but a brilliant driving rhythm and sound that adds to rather than restricts the story and the comedy. This show is uniquely funny – and I don’t think I have ever said that before”
★★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

A thoroughly charming story of adventure and love, compellingly told with a quiet modesty... a generous smattering of deft jokes, while a warm wit permeates almost every line. It is as joyfully entertaining as it is engrossing, and ultimately heart-warming, too... delivered in faultless, rhyming verse, so skilfully crafted that no phrase is forced to fit the meter, Dubus’s narrative is just an elegant beat off natural conversation. What a classy, beautiful piece of work”
★★★★ Steve Bennett,, Melbourne Comedy Festival

A hilarious piece of storytelling… Catch it while you can”
★★★★★ Celyn Bricker, Cream Of The Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe

It’s gorgeous; an honest, effortlessly funny hour of yarns about broken hearts, broken vans and broken English that puts an endearing level of ‘rom’ into its ‘com’... pacy, likeable, consistently engaging... a born raconteur”
★★★★ Nione Meakin, Chortle, Edinburgh Fringe

What an uplifting series of tales… An hour of compelling raconteurship… a series of finely drawn escapades and rich characters”
★★★★ Jay Richardson, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

Meticulously crafted jokes... personal photos, gritty stories told with love, striking imagery, simple use of light and sound, and a clever use of timing and pause make for a show that is both mesmerising and captivating. Cars and Girls has genuine and absurd qualities only afforded to talented travelling comedians. A witty voice with no remorse and no small gift for storytelling, Cars and Girls is an adventure well worth the fare”
★★★★ Michael Nield, The West Australian, Fringe World

Gentle comedy with a bite... a very funny, highly entertaining 50 minutes that go all too quickly”
★★★★ 1/2 Brian Godfrey, Adelaide Theatre Guide, Adelaide Fringe

Told with alacrity, panache and real feeling… the humour of his story helps keep his long poem on the road - along with wit, sentiment and a gift for easily creating memorable characters in a few lines. Well worth seeing”
★★★★ Paul F Cockburn, Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe

His verses have a gentle gonzo journalism feel, but revealed in a calm, playful way... Retrospectively revelling in the spirit of adventure, Dubus has created a slick hour of biographical poetry which he delivers with eloquence and unassuming charm”
★★★★ Tim Bano, Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

A range of beautifully drawn characters... How he was able to keep his beautifully balanced sentences in his head without a stumble across a full hour is a testament to his skills as a performer... A self-effacing loveable raconteur”
★★★★ Duncan Hall, The Argus, Brighton Fringe

You may know Dubus from his Gallic persona,
All nonchalance, black clothes and fags,
But tonight Alexis plays the unlikely owner
Of passport and sign-language gags.

Near an hour of verse would lead some to curse,
But we others we are all enthralled.
These tales of travels are not garbled nor gabbled,
But tiled and ceilinged and walled.

In craft and in warmth dear Dubus is well-formed,
And in characters, well, unsurpassed.
As we travel alongside our willing, verbose guide,
We are offered hashish, clothes and gas.

The on-my-gap-year-show is often a no-no;
Self-obsessed and repeated no end,
But by looking out, the show brings about
A chorus of unlikely friends.

From a hitch-hike through Europe to driving out West,
We hear all of the kindness of man,
And moving from one tiny village unheard-of
To miles of desert sands.

A life lived with plenty of scars to be shown
And happinesses in-between,
Dubus introduces a story well-known
In a fashion perhaps unforeseen.

Far from the sighs of a comic whose eyes
Are tired of what’s come before,
Tonight we hear tales of relationships failed
From someone who’s not bitter nor raw.

In comedy timing we know is the key,
In poetry doubly so,
Here Cars and Girls meet with panache and with glee,
And with lyrical tales from the road.”
★★★★ Jenni Ajderian, The Skinny

Alexis is wry, thoughtful, with a lovely way with language... A comedy highlight you have to see ”
The Independent

Brings to life many characters with his amazing talent for accents and character acting... It’s an exhausting, bravura performance by Alexis. The delicate audiovisual touches and Dubus’s expressive voice keep the dense language from becoming overwhelming. There are laughs peppered throughout and some great punchlines but it is mostly romantic and joyous. The magic of Dubus’ performance was on the faces of the grinning audience members at the end, clapping like they didn’t want to stop”
Lisa Clark, Squirrel Comedy, Melbourne Comedy Festival

An epic poem – much the same as Homer’s “Odyssey” but with less death and more jokes. Not only does Dubus manage to rhyme his way through an hour long story, but simultaneously infuses the story with fast paced wit and masterful comedic timing. It is without a doubt one of the most skilful performances of the festival this year, and will have you laughing in wonder from start to finish.”
Yawp Magazine, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Alexis is more than just a comic – he’s a skilled writer, a poet, a storyteller... a gentle joyous fable that will stick in your mind”
Kelly Lefever, Stage Whispers, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Dubus is an eloquent story-teller, able to evoke in our mind’s eye a vivid model of the characters in the play of his life. He is a master of accent and manner. While the tale of love, loss and adventure is by no means untrammelled ground each man has his own story to tell, and Dubus’ narrative is a joyous and entertaining journey. A pleasurable and poetic evening, worthy of your time”
Heckler, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Fun and fresh...shows the considerable acting talent of our man on stage... Alexis can tell a great yarn”
Stephen House, AussieTheatre, Adelaide Fringe

Cars and Girls takes Dubus into uncharted lands, and his gift for rhyme and rhythm equals his comic talent... a master storyteller and clever wordsmith and the real humour of the tale lies in the telling. His witty turn of phrase combined with deft control of rhythm and pace makes for a real joy ride”
Margot McGovern, Onya Magaine, Melbourne Comedy Festival

A mastery of tangential storytelling… Dubus gives us genuine insight into his journeys, emotional and physical, and makes us care in a way that few comedians can”
Sean Bell, Fest, Edinburgh Fringe

It is what any one-man show ought to strive for: a charming hour with a genuinely engaging personality... A delightful show”
Andrew Allen, Fringe Review, Brighton Fringe

Marcel Lucont Is
(Adelaide Fringe 2016, Fringe World Perth 2015, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2014, Edinburgh Fringe 2014, Cape Town Fringe 2014)

☆ ~ Nominee: Fringe World Award 2015 - Best Comedy ~ ☆

Like a fine wine, Marcel Lucont is smooth, refined and goes down well... Marcel Lucont is a curious creature – eloquent yet crass, charming yet arrogant. Above all, the man is hilarious. As far as comedy goes it doesn’t get much better than this”
★★★★★ Tom Bowden, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

Who can resist Marcel Lucont, poet, charlatan, seducer of women and shameless despiser of all that is not French... Lucont has become such a cult the audience laps up his disapprobation... He has become so comfortable with his creation that he can improvise – pulling clever punchlines out of every interaction with his audience... Sometimes, arrogance is bliss”
★★★★ Claire Smith, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

Dubus has discovered that slowing down his pace and immersing in a French persona is a winning formula for comedy. It is a simple idea for a character, but executed to comedic perfection... Marcel Lucont is genius through and through”
★★★★★ Joanna Orland, Loose Lips, Edinburgh Fringe

The alter ego of Londoner Alexis Dubus this is what character comedy should be, the jokes all work on their own and Lucont is used to enhance them rather than paper over thin ideas... witty, intelligent and pitch-perfect”
★★★★ Gordon Eldrett, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

Adopting a status higher than Mont Blanc, philosopher, poet, lover and bon vivant Marcel Lucont is here to spend the best part of his hour on his two favourite subjects: himself, and how much better than you he is... The writing here is often impeccable, with a slick efficiency of words expressing astute sentiment, sometimes ironic, sometimes not... hilarious”
★★★★ Steve Bennett, Chortle, Edinburgh Fringe

Details matter in characterisation. From the moment he steps on stage, the insouciance of Marcel Lucont is perfectly captured in the stride, posture and wine glass sitting on his palm like an ornament. A little sweep of the hands, as if batting away the audience in contempt, is accentuated by the slender fingers of Marcel's creator Alexis Dubus... It is a well structured hour with terrific range... Book ahead, arrive early, sit close enough to appreciate the immaculate purple suit and enjoy this show, for Marcel Lucont is a character almost as perfect as he thinks he is”
★★★★ Ben Venables, The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe

The most sophisticated man at the Fringe, Marcel Lucont, brings his effortless, peerless and genius talents to the King Dome... Every element of the show was expertly written and performed, and in addition to his stand-up, Marcel introduced an excellent couple of musical numbers and some hilarious poetry. In both the poetry segment and in reading from his “memoirs”, Marcel truly excelled. They allowed him to show off his pitch-perfect delivery and inimitable manner. Reclining on a chaise longue, he demanded, and got, silence... An essential show for any Fringe-goer”
★★★★ Lorenzo Pacitti, Gigglebeats, Edinburgh Fringe

Marcel Lucont raises the bar high while he hits squarely below the belt but with such charm and cleverness that the lewd nature of his material entertains far more than it offends... If you like your comedy dry, witty, sarcastic and a little bit dark, then I urge you to check out Marcel Lucont. No review can capture the essence of his razor sharp wordplay in the poems that he recites... he poked and prodded every funny bone I possess”
Marilu Snyders, What's On In Cape Town

A hilarious melange of multimedia... Lucont is clearly now a Fringe favourite, so if you're yet to experience this poncy Pepé Le Pew of comedy, do yourself une faveur.”
★★★★ Shannon Harvey, The West Australian, Fringe World

if you prefer your comedians with a little more class (in his opinion, anyway), then you should see Marcel Lucont Is... A mix of biting commentary, amusing anecdotes, pointed rants, and some spectacular poetry... Broaching all the big topics, life, death, and sex, Lucont embodies the classic French stereotype; embroiled in all things passion. But just when you think you know where a joke are going, things take a surprising turn. This gift for subversion is what makes this character so much more than just a cultural stereotype. If you’re sick of comedians who try to be your friend, and would rather a sarcastic European scoff at your wine preferences, be sure to check out Marcel Lucont Is ”
★★★★ Simone Corletto, RipItUp, Adelaide Fringe

An hour of unadulterated, racy and razor-sharp comedy with all of the self-indulgence one could only reasonably expect from a show entitled as such. The audience is wrapped up in his overwhelming arrogance... Dubus’ characterisation of the arrogant self-fulfilling Frenchman – mixed with the hour of side-splitting fax paus - is nothing short of outstanding comedy ”
Patrick Martin, Yewth, Adelaide Fringe

Now, I will admit, I am not a regular in the watcher of stand up comedy, but I really could not grasp what a majority of the audience were in hysterics over at any point of French comedian Marcel Lucont's performance... maybe I missed something”
Mollie T, ArtsAwardVoice, Edinburgh Fringe

Marcel Lucont: Gallic Symbol
(Edinburgh Fringe 2012, Fringe World 2013, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012, Adelaide Fringe 2013)

☆ ~ Winner: Best Comedy Show - Fringe World 2013 ~ ☆

☆ ~ Winner: Amused Moose Laughter Award - Best Comedy Show - Edinburgh Fringe 2012 ~ ☆

☆ ~ Nominee: Best International Show - New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012 ~ ☆

☆ ~ Winner: Best International Show - KeepingUpWithNZ Award - New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012 ~ ☆

☆ ~ Winner: Weekly Fringe Award - Adelaide Fringe 2013 ~ ☆

Perfect… smart and funny… Had the audience laughing throughout… Definitely one to see.”
★★★★★ Nicholas Jones, Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

Hilarious… with deadly accuracy and wit, this Frenchman is on the cusp of something big.”
★★★★★ Mark Ratnage, Cream Of The Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe

Sipping his wine, belittling the crowd, he is simply magnetic. A superb pastiche; beautifully unapologetic.”
★★★★★ Daniel Piper, FringeBiscuit

Truly excellent… the laughter continued for the entire hour… Stand-up comedy at its best.”
★★★★★ Michael Rowland, FringeReview, Prague Fringe

Those of us who have had the pleasure of Marcel Lucont know that it is something you do not forget in a hurry… A marvellous malevolent monster… Mordantly brilliant stuff.”
★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

Gag after consistent gag – the quality doesn’t dip once… As effortless and smooth as a fine silky brie.”
★★★★ Marissa Burgess, The List

Excellent, with some great jokes and a talent for comic misdirection.”
★★★★ Keith Smith, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh Fringe

Hilarious… makes it all seem so effortless”.”
★★★★ David Marren, AllTheFestivals, Edinburgh Fringe

Very sharp and very dry… some laugh-out-loud moments that hit quicker than electricity… Marcel Lucont is better than you.”
★★★★ Zoe Barron, ArtsHub, Fringe World

Delectably wicked… a master of his craft.”
★★★★ Vincent Coleman, Krytoff RAW, Adelaide Fringe

His dry, subdued delivery is a nice change from the onslaught of comedians who seem to think their funniness level is determined by how loud they can yell… An all-rounder who is sure to have another popular Fringe season.”
★★★★ Sophie Perri, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

Al Murray-esque dissections of language, misogyny and a skewed national identity… Vic And Bob-style absurdity… Clever, funny and delightfully absurd, Gallic Symbol is a master-class in meta-comedy… Dubus is up there with the best.”
Andrew Dipper, GiggleBeats

A very funny, very clever show. Marcel Lucont is no doubt destined for great things (as I’m sure he also firmly believes) so make sure you catch him while he is still honouring us with his presence in Australia.”
Cathy Culliver, Squirrel Comedy, Adelaide Fringe

A raconteur, poet and chansonnier extraordinaire… sharp wit and wordplay. Did we have a good time with Monsieur Lucont? Merde, oui!”.”, New Zealand Comedy Festival

He really is a pleasure to watch as he cleverly plays his quirky observations in his refreshing style of such obvious disdain that he will have you in fits of giggles… I definitely want an encore..”
Ingrid Grenar, Creative Sidekick, New Zealand Comedy Festival

A rare stand-up comedy masterpiece.”
Faith Ashleigh-Wong, Whimsical Banana, New Zealand Comedy Festival

A rather hilarious hour of comedy… if you like your comedy with bite and a side of nicotine, then this should be a fait accompli.”
Delaney MacDonald, EntertainMe, New Zealand Comedy Festival

The shameless foie-gras of the Fringe… an absolute must-see.”
Sarah Dunstan, The West Australian, Fringe World

Fabulous… masterful comic timing and extremely witty scripting.”
Claire Condry, Australian Stage, Fringe World

Hilarious continental comedy… Any Francophile worth their proverbial salt needs to see this show… you’ll be seduced, reduced to stiches, and shit all over, but man, you’ll remember this one as some of the best you had this year.”
Emma Maguire, Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

The performance never lulls for the entire hour… check out some of this fabulous filth, because this is one Fringe show you should not miss this year… an hour of outrageous laughs and quality entertainment well-suited for any dirty mind.”
Mason Parker,, Prague Fringe

This is a man who knows how to work a crowd as deftly as Thierry Henry handles a football. Will seeing the Gallic Symbol in action cure your Francophobia? Not a chance. Will it make you laugh so hard you almost cry? Mais oui.”
Lisette Allen,, Prague Fringe

Marcel Lucont Etc. - A Chat Show
(Edinburgh Fringe 2011, Adelaide Fringe 2011)

☆ ~ Top 25 Best-Rated Comedy Shows - Edinburgh Fringe 2011 ~ ☆

Well-honed poems and songs are perfectly balanced by moments of genuine spontaneity in this consistently brilliant performance... I can easily imagine Marcel Lucont capturing the public imagination as effectively as one of Steve Coogan's creations. An essential Fringe show.”
★★★★★ Simon Fielding, The Skinny

Choice chat, skilful wordplay, wry badinage.”
★★★★★ Vyvyan Almond, BroadwayBaby

A witty host, willing guests and wine. It's a perfect night out with Marcel Lucont... No night is the same, but every one is a delight. ”
★★★★.5 Helen Sobelewski, Adelaide Advertiser

The prince of the chat show genre in 2011.”
★★★★ Niki Boyle, The List

Entertaining from start to finish... A highlight of the festival.”
★★★★ Julian Benson, Three Weeks

Excellent... A winning performance... the laughs come easily throughout. ”
★★★★ David Hepburn, Fest

The combination of egotism and deadpan humour accompanied by original poetry and song make for a hilarious combination. Vive la France! ”
★★★★ Three Weeks

Very funny... a great deal to enjoy. ”
★★★★ Rupert Uzzell, Spoonfed

Hilarious from the get-go... The funniest show I've seen this Fringe... Magnifique!”
David Knight, RipItUp, Adelaide Fringe

Incredibly funny... Has the audience in the palm of his hand from the start... One of those gems that we're so glad to have found at the Fringe.”
Harry Clayton-Wright, Gay Times

If there's one rude, sleazy, foul-mouthed drunkard of a Frenchman you purposely see in your life, make sure it's Marcel Lucont... Gallic charm at its finest. This is one comedian who crams more into his show than the ticket price suggests.”
Kosta Jaric, Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

Marcel Lucont: Encore
(Edinburgh Fringe 2010, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011, Adelaide Fringe 2011, Brighton Comedy Festival 2011, Fringe World Perth 2012)

☆ ~ Best Comedy Show Award Nominee - Fringe World Perth 2012 ~ ☆

One of the best things to come out of France since croissants, Jacques Brel and 'Ca plane pour moi"...Master of the deadpan... His act is one of astounding panache... Top notch adult humour- c’est tres bon, c’est merveilleux, c’est magnifique . Encore! ”
★★★★★ David Marren,

A pitch-perfect performance... Hilarious. ”
★★★★ Tim Arthur, Time Out

Finely-crafted... the French poet, bon viveur and lover extraordinaire certainly does not lack confidence. ”
★★★★ Damon Smith, Metro

A beautifully observed and executed piece of character comedy... Not once does the artifice jar or slip and this is an hour of very funny comedy that speeds by. ”
★★★★ Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk

Very funny... quick-witted and exceedingly sharp. ”
Laura Adshead, British Comedy Guide

A masterclass in low-energy stand-up... While many acts bombard the audience with a high-energy assault, like puppies desperate to be loved, Lucont gave off an air of nonchalance, retaining his disdainful arrogance throughout. He even managed to get laughs from a well-timed raised eyebrow. ”
Karen Wilson, The Journal

A R#ddy Brief History Of Swearing
(Edinburgh Fringe 2008 & 2009, Adelaide Fringe 2009, Melbourne Comedy Festival 2009, Cheltenham Literature Festival 2009, Sydney Comedy Festival 2011, Fringe World Perth 2016, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2016)

☆ ~ Winner: Three Weeks Editors' Choice Award 2008 - Top 10 Fringe Experiences ~ ☆

☆ ~ Nominee: Fringe World Award - Best Comedy 2016 ~ ☆

What a show! I implore you, pop along and experience something brilliantly fascinating. Always fantastically lighthearted, foul mouthed but never crude, I have to say this is possibly the best ruddy show at the Free Fringe.”
★★★★★ Richard Hanrahan, Three Weeks

As informative as it is funny. We crash through a huge amount of gags and information, and the hour whips by. If you don't enjoy this show you're a fucking cocksucker.”
★★★★ Steve Bennett,

For a late-night show about vulgar language, this is surprisingly intelligent... Dubus has created plenty of comedy around his favourite swears. From this simple premise, the affable Dubus engages with his audience, with a winning appreciation of the words we learned at the back of the bus. ”
★★★★ Margaret Paul, The Age, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Very good... Dubus is a warm and inviting stage presence who manages to utter all manner of disgusting phrases while maintaining a classy aspect. He’s the perfect vehicle for this ribald lesson and seems to take special joy, not in shocking his audience but in educating them. ”
★★★★ Varnya Bromilow, The West Australian, Fringe World Festival

Excellent show from a performer who's getting better and better.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

A seamless many interesting a Stephen Fry of filth.”
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard

A mixture of fascinating trivia and richly amusing autobiographical detail, which somehow invests a crude subject with a lot of gentle charm.”
James Kettle, The Guardian

The laughs come thick and fast...equally Python gag-a-minute and Izzard laid-back routine-building. One hour with Alexis Dubus and I'm converted for life.”
Michael Monkhouse, The Roman Forum, Italy

Truly impressive... a spectacular array of creative curses... An instructive and satisfying laugh, and the final filthy anecdote is the dog's b***ocks.”
Jo Vabolis, Independent Weekly, Adelaide Fringe

Brilliant and educational... Alexis is a natural comedian. He's charming and funny and surprisingly polite and informative with what could be an uncouth subject...a great little show (9/10).”
Kristy Lillyst, Funny Tonne, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Magnificent... I have never before learned so much while laughing out loud.”
Tim Norton, The Pun, Melbourne Comedy Festival

Marcel Lucont: Sexual Metro
(Adelaide Fringe '09, Edinburgh Fringe '09, Melbourne Comedy Festival '10, New Zealand Comedy Festival '10)

☆ ~ WINNER: Best Individual Comedy - Buxton Fringe 2009 ~ ☆

A fresh, accessible and hilarious take on the British tradition of anti-French gags, boasting a typically Gallic flair for elegant, flowery insults and an instinctive feel for the seamier side of life.”
James Kettle, The Guardian

Few comedians carry off the supremely arrogant but, with his laconic, lacerated barbs, the French flaneur translates even the average British weather gag into a sophisticated, sardonic assertion of his immodest and defensible superiority... Devilishly handsome and devastatingly disdainful .”
★★★★ Rebecca Ross, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

A brilliantly rendered creation... sharp wit and wordplay... interacts with the audience to great effect .”
★★★★ Kylie Northover, The Age, Melbourne Comedy Festival

A very intelligent humorist... His use of language and imaginative metaphors – whether in conversation, written down or through song – and his tendency to play on his audience’s expectations for a punchline before ending jokes in a completely unseen manner are a joy to behold. While it’s easy to see that there will be people put off by Marcel Lucont’s egotism, the condescending manner of this character is one whose quality will not have many rivals .”
★★★★ Oliver Gaywood,, Edinburgh Fringe

A saturnine presence with lips made to sneer... Vraiment très amusant.. Très bon, Marcel. Encore!”
Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

Thank dieu for Marcel Lucont...His sly comedy is all haughty Gallic shrugs, audience put-downs and bafflement at Australian peculiarities. Perfect for those who like a clever chortle.”
Rip It Up magazine, Adelaide Fringe

Just the sort of thing you hope to discover at the Fringe... calculating wit, quality audience interaction and a fresh premise. It's a favourite – highly recommended!”
The Fix, Adelaide Fringe

Excessive dryness and superb comic timing... a perfect way to finish off a night of Fringe activity... Go see him while you can still afford to.”
dB magazine, Adelaide Fringe

Brilliantly crafted... had the audience laughing riotously throughout. Vive le Marcel!”
Colin Flaherty, The Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne Comedy Festival

A comedy genius... Definitely a show to track down.”
DCR, InPress magazine, Melbourne Comedy Festival

A Gallic charmer with delightfully dry wit and great timing.”
Rowena Scanlon,

Impeccable timing, flawless runs with the odd audience heckle, poetry readings and chanson make Marcel Lucont a Comedy Festival pearl.”
Jacqueline Smith, New Zealand Herald

The Hotel
(Edinburgh Fringe '09)

☆ ~ WINNER: The Scotsman Fringe First Award 2009 ~ ☆

A piece of gloriously bonkers immersive theatre... It’s daft, delirious and exactly what the Fringe was made for .”
★★★★★ Mark Fisher, The List

Meticulously timed and offering a whole new show behind every door, The Hotel is perfectly unlike any other comedy you'll see this August.”
★★★★ David Pollock, The Scotsman

Comedy Countdown
(Edinburgh Fringe '10)

In the hands of these professionals, "ramshackle" becomes delightfully entertaining... The real stars of the night were Marcel Lucont and James Sherwood as they dryly played up their wonderfully antagonistic relationship.”
★★★★ Di, One4Review

Cat Of The Week (sketch group)

Flawlessly performed... completely refreshing... great sketch comedy.”
★★★★ Rachel Gray, Three Weeks,

Packs a stellar punch. Cat Of The Week struck gold.”
Natalie Woolman, The List

Highly enjoyable.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

Ubersausage (sketch group)

Python’s originality, The Fast Show’s silliness, and the wanton depravity of The League Of Gentlemen…It’s what every punter hopes for but rarely finds at the Fringe – something genuinely new, vibrant and fresh…the raw brilliance is unmistakeable.”
★★★★★ Michael Gallagher, Three Weeks

Delivers a sledge hammer blow to the audience once every two minutes… surrealistic, irreverent and often brilliantly offensive… Ubersausage mines the company’s obviously rich seam of comic talent, and the versatility and almost anarchic approach of the players make for a refreshing change from the tired clichés normally trotted out in the name of comedy revue.”
★★★★ Leon McDermott, The Scotsman

Falling Down With Laughter comedy club

One of the finest clubs in all of our fair city... an extraordinarily fine line-up.”
Tim Arthur, Time Out London